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Our expertise encompasses numerous areas of land surveying, some of which are noted below. We serve the Greater Vancouver area and have years of experience working on projects in each municipality.
Please feel free to send us a quote request detailing your specific needs. If what you're looking for is not listed, contact us and we will most likely be able to help you out.
Cadastral Surveys


We are highly experienced with any work that affects the survey and demarcation of land. Projects that affect title to land - such as subdivisions, strata plans, rights of ways, air space plans and natural boundary suveys - are examples of cadastral surveys. 



Engineering Surveys


Whether you're building a new house or breaking ground for an industrial site, our team is skilled in laying out reference points and grid lines. Construction surveys ensure that the new infrastructure will be located according to the building plan’s specifications.



Building Location Certificate

Prepared by a licensed British Columbia Land Surveyor, a Building Location Certificate is an official document depicting elements of a site such as the location of improvements in relation to property lines, property dimensions and encroachments. It is relied upon for financing as part of real estate purchases and needed for municpality inspection purposes. 


Site Plan


We can prepare site plans that show existing and proposed topography, improvements, fences, proposed grading, and tree location. Our technical expertise ensures that all site information is presented in a format suitable for architects and other related professionals.


This type of survey includes mining subsidence monitoring, structural deformation modeling for infrastructures such as bridges, and monitoring existing structures in the proximity of construction activities for movement (ex. dams and dikes). We can provide an analysis of correct survey procedures for all types of monitoring surveys.


Topographic Surveys


Topographic surveys establish the different natural and manmade features of land, and are used in new home constructions, subdivisions, and land development projects. One of our most commonly requested services, topographic surveys provide exact figures of the size, height and position of different site changes that have occurred over time.

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